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Toronto celeb chef Matty Matheson is starring in new TV show and people are surprised

A new FX show called The Bear has just been released in its entirety all at once, and there's a surprising face on it: that of local Toronto restaurateur Matty Matheson.

Maybe it's not such a huge shock to see him on the screen at all, as he does have a ton of food shows ready to binge on YouTube. He's also made other small acting appearances on shows like Workin' Moms and Craig of the Creek.

However, he was just a voice actor on animated show Craig of the Creek, and he appears so briefly on The Bear that you might wonder if it was actually him you saw.

If you caught yourself second guessing, you're not alone.

The Bear is based in Chicago and revolves around a restaurant of the same name, following the hard scrabble lives of the people that work there.

While Matty Matheson also helped produce the show and says he was heavily consulted on matters of kitchen culture, you actually won't see him do any cooking on The Bear in a major change of pace.

He plays Neil Fak, who is actually the restaurant's go-to handyman and fix-it guy.

However, one recognizable thing for Matheson is his signature punk/metal sense of style: people have been commenting on his wardrobe for the show online.

While he may not be in the show for the majority of scenes, one person still feels he's the main reason to watch.

All episodes of The Bear were released June 23 for streaming on Hulu.

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