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This is Toronto's secret spot for massive burritos

Bolet's Burrito, with a single Toronto location, might not be as well known as some other burrito joints in town but those in the know vouch for the quality of food at this joint near Front and Sherbourne.

"We don't do Mexican burritos over here. It's really casual. And it's almost like family style, homestyle - not really a traditional Mexican flavor. So it's like anybody can get behind no matter what your palate is like. We have items for almost anyone here," explains owner Justin Losa. 

Bolet's Burrito has a lot of burrito options to choose from on its menu with fillings like chicken, pulled pork, deep fried buffalo chicken and shrimp. 

Bolet's started out as a restaurant that was simply opened out of necessity by Losa's parents, eventually transforming into a well-loved takeout joint in the neighbourhood.

The burritos are loved for their unique fillings, but also because of the love that goes into making each one. Each bite has a bit of everything - balance is key here in order to get harmony in every bite. 

You can find Bolet's Burrito at 134 Lower Sherbourne St.

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