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Toronto chef just permanently closed two popular restaurants with almost no warning

Two Toronto restaurants that have been known as some of the most popular in the city for years were just permanently closed with little warning.

Anthony Rose just put out an extra long and rambling version of his newsletter "The Monthly Anthony" in which he informed subscribers that two of his restaurants, Rose and Sons and Big Crow, had already closed.

He later posted the same message to social media.

The spaces had already gone through a ton of transformations, and as Rose references in his newsletter, lots of rocky times throughout lockdowns like every other restaurant in town.

Before restrictions ever started strangling the industry, though, Rose and Sons had already been closed before and transformed into The Grand Elvis at the beginning of 2020, which had a short reign before being turned back into Rose and Sons again.

The concept for Rose and Sons has also fluctuated, from diner to Jewish deli and back again.

The restaurants are beloved, with Rose reminiscing in his newsletter about people lining up down the block and waiting two hours to get in. Their time in the spotlight also apparently didn't necessarily need to be over just yet, according to Rose.

"It's unfortunate and never good timing for this type of breakup. Michelin just called me yesterday. Apparently they have awarded Big Crow TWO STARS and Rose and Sons THREE STARS. I had to politely decline and thanked them very much," says Rose.

"Canada's 100 Best Restaurants had awarded us 27th place for Rose and Sons and 36th place for Big Crow. As much as I was pleased, I asked them to give it to other restaurants."

He went on to thank his customers, purveyors, landlords and staff, saying he's "not here to blame Covid or staff shortages or inflation. That's too easy and to tell you the truth I'm kinda sick of it all."

As for Rose's future plans, he says  "All my energy is completely laser-focused on Fat Pasha, Schmaltz and Fet Zun."

"All of the remaining staff at Rose and Sons and Big Crow, and I mean ALL OF THEM are moving over to the other restaurants (ugh, they are just the best). DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS," he says.

"Deeper dive into the cuisines. Dare I say BRUNCH coming soon! More hours of operation, more reservations available. More whole roasted lamb with flatbreads and salatims, more smoked fishes."

Sunday was the last day for both Rose and Sons and Big Crow.

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Hector Vasquez

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