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People are embarrassed by the designs of Toronto's curbside patios compared to other cities

Curbside patios are back in Toronto's streets this summer, and some people aren't happy to see them again.

People have been critical of the design of CafeTO curb lane patios, leading many to compare them to the designs of street patios in other places.

Councillor Josh Matlow tweeted on June 5 "asking for more inspiring design, and far less ugly concrete and orange cones."

From the landslide of replies on Twitter, other people seem to agree, and are pointing out how this doesn't seem like an impossible feat since other cities have managed to make their patios aesthetically pleasing.

"New York has done a great job with similar programs," Bar Volo pointed out, posting a photo of their own jersey blocks faced with wood to make them look nicer.

Another person chimed in that New York City does seem to largely have dealt with this issue, posting several photos of patios there.

Another person posted a photo of a patio in Milan that looks lovely.

Some people are even saying you don't need to stray too far from Toronto to find nicer looking street patios.

One person gave an example of patios in Montreal looking great.

They even seem to be present in places in Guelph, Hamilton and Burlington.

While the city streets choked with jersey blocks and skinny orange pylons may be ugly, people are pointing out that the concrete and bright markers are necessary to keep Toronto's drivers from mowing patio-goers down.

However, cyclists say they're having the opposite effect for them, the blocks and pylons and other elements often obstructing bike lanes and making them dangerous.

One person actually proudly spoke up saying they felt the Junction neighbourhood was doing a better job than others at constructing nice-looking CafeTO patios.

Someone else argued that the necessary blocks could at least be beautified, perhaps with local artwork.

Another person put their foot down and argued that it's simply time for CafeTO to come to an end.

That said, it's probably not gonna stop your favourite CafeTO patio from being so booked up you can't even sit on it any time soon.

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Hector Vasquez

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