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Toronto crepe business shut down by health inspectors for 20 infractions

A Toronto food business selling Chinese crepes was shut down by health inspectors that slammed it with 20 infractions.

The business was operating out of 110 St. George St. 

Of the 20 infractions, seven were crucial and eight were significant.

The crucial infractions were for maintaining food at a hazardous internal temperature, refrigeration equipment not being large enough, failing to maintain a potable water supply, failing to maintain records of food purchased, failing to protect against contamination, failing to wash hands and the food premise maintained to permit health hazard.

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Screenshots of infractions health inspectors found at the business.

All those infractions got an action of a notice to comply, except for the last one where the action was a summons and health hazard order with a pending outcome.

The significant infractions included not having an accessible handwashing station, using the handwashing station other than for employee handwashing, failing to provide hot and cold running water, failing to sanitize utensils, using a dirty towel to clean food contact surface, and failing to remove waste.

There were also four minor infractions for improper ventilation, illumination, unclean floors and unclean towels being used.

There was additionally one other infraction for failing to produce the most recent food safety inspection report, and the business has no previous records of inspections on DineSafe.

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