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Toronto cafe owner tells customers to stop complaining about the menu

One of Toronto's cafe owners is telling people what not to talk about in her business again, and this time it's off-menu items.

Lola's Coffee owner Eriola Galanxhi is known for posting hot takes on her business's social media, fields of text instead of images.

Her latest posted May 19 starts out "Please stick to the menu."

What follows is an explanation about how if you don't see it on the menu or anywhere in the shop, she probably doesn't have it, and she's fed up with any negative reactions to that.

"I keep doing my thing and that's why it's called 'Lola's Coffee' and not 'Karen's Sensitive Ass Coffee,'" reads the post. "Life has 'no' as well."

It's true that dealing with customers can be frustrating for workers, and she's probably saying what a lot of people are thinking. 

That seems to be the case, as people have been reacting positively to the post online, with comments like "You're the best," "Go Lola," "Love it," "Well said," "Sing it for the people in the back" and "some people really react like that…?!"

Galanxhi says she's been getting requests for things she doesn't have since the day she opened.

"Most of the snacks in my shop are organic but the zero calorie, non-fat, no sugars crowd got sad because croissants and chocolates and snacks have some calories and sugars in it. Now it seems like the whole city woke up at once and decided to be vegan and gluten-free," Galanxhi tells blogTO.

"That is a personal great choice, good for you, I respect that but you should respect the fact that I am not vegan myself nor gluten-free so I cannot sell what I do not apply for myself. That is me faking my way and I can be many things but fake is not one of them."

However, she has now expanded to sell some vegan items, but says that now people who are gluten-free have come to her saying they're not satisfied with the options. She wishes she could satisfy everybody, but can't afford to shell out for so many different alternatives.

"I have to listen to someone criticizing as why I don't bring this and that since the other shop they usually go to has it. Clearly you are not my customer to begin with, let's introduce ourselves and call it a day," says Galanxhi. 

"I'm not a corporation like Starbucks that has seven employees on site and can accomodate unrealistic requests. And if I do there will be someone that rolls the eyes because it's waiting an extra minute in line."

Despite her frustrations, Galanxhi knows that ultimately she'll never please everyone, but says the only way for her to offer pricier choices for people is for them to continue to support her business.

"Support my business, then once I have a budget I will bring in more items to accomodate you and your friends' and family's choices in life," says Galanxhi. 

"But whatever you do, do not roll your eyes and throw a tantrum to anyone that is trying to bring joy in your day and is working hard to make a living in such hard times."

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Hector Vasquez

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