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People in Ontario are now arguing over whether the Keg is a fancy restaurant

If you've been wondering why people in Ontario are arguing about whether The Keg Steakhouse is "ritzy" or not on social media, there's actually a political reason.

It was recently reported that Ontario Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca spent $50,000 at what was referred to as "upscale restaurants and ritzy steakhouses."

In 2018, for instance, Del Duca apparently forked over $8,464.25 at The Keg. He also spent about $1,200 at Hy's Steakhouse and almost $600 at Jacob's & Co.

The latter two are arguably some of the better steakhouses in Toronto, but The Keg? People are expressing their opinions.

Thoughts online range from totally dragging the steakhouse to expressing fond memories of it. Some people are zeroing in more on the fact that taxpayer dollars were used to pay at these restaurants, and are wondering whether or not they're appropriate settings for meetings.

Calling The Keg ritzy has also caused debate about levels of privilege in different communities, especially those that are farther away from downtown centres with many restaurants. People scoffing at the "ritzy" label are getting called out for being snobby, while people defending The Keg feel like middle class lifestyles are getting unfairly roasted.

Others joining in on the debate want to leave ideologies out of the debate entirely, and are simply arguing that if this is a question of how good the food is at The Keg, their bacon-wrapped scallops just don't cut it. Some people wonder why anyone with a budget to go out to restaurants would choose the place.

One person says they think people are just being petty.

There are also points being made that thousands at some steakhouses is a drop in the bucket compared to the kind of money being spent by Doug Ford on donors. There's a faction of people blaming media for trying to whip people into a frenzy over something less than newsworthy.

Use a word like "ritzy," though, and it appears people will really latch on to the topic to see if it's a fair assessment.

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