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POC-led Toronto bakeries collab to highlight flavours they're adding to food scene

Some of Toronto's hottest new POC-led bakeries are collaborating to highlight the often Asian-inspired flavours they're adding to the city's food scene. 

A "Dream Set" of desserts just dropped as a collaboration between Soft Dough Co., New Pie Co. and Night Baker, as well as La La Bakeshop, who have spoken out about being #VeryAsian.

The bakery picked up on the #VeryAsian movement launched by a news anchor, saying people often did a 180 after coming into their shop when they realized it wasn't a "normal" Western bakery. Fortunately, the bakery has only become more successful, opening a second location recently.

The Asian community in Toronto has been highlighted recently with the release of Turning Red, but it's also drawn attention to an ugly underbelly of anti-Asian hate that's still very much alive. A white film critic even felt comfortable writing a review centring around how much he didn't identify with Turning Red.

"I curated this set to highlight Asian-led bakeries in Toronto," reads the page for the dessert Dream Set online.

"Supporting POC shops strengthens the city's vibrant food scene, especially when they merge Asian flavours with Western desserts."

The components of the seven-piece dessert set do just that. It includes tiramisu from La La, Chicago mix and candy bar pies from New Pie Co., black sesame cream cake from Soft Dough Co., and Ooh Bae, Coco Pandan and Choco Butternut Cookies from Night Baker.

The set is only available on March 25 and can be purchased online for pickup or delivery for $49.50. Orders close March 23.

Alice Tam of Soft Dough Co. still works full time at a digital company, and you can also get items like Basque burnt cheesecake and cake cups from her business.

"I'm really passionate about supporting small businesses, and there are a lot of newer bakeries with creative menus," says Tam.

This is actually the second year she's done a Dream Set, and plans on making it an annual thing, seeking out different partners every year. She hopes that maybe one day she could do it even more frequently.

"It gives customers a chance to discover new bakeries and support POC-led small businesses at an affordable price," says Tam.

"This dessert set is also a way for small business owners like us to connect and support each other. I've met really generous entrepreneurs who are happy to share their advice."

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Soft Dough Co.

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