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Cinnabon is finally coming back to Toronto's Union Station after a long absence

Neverending construction at Toronto's Union Station has changed not just our transit habits, but our eating habits. As various sections of the station have gone under the knife over the last dozen years, commuters have seen beloved food stalls of questionable nutritional value disappear, but few have been as sorely missed as one frosting-covered treat absent from the station for pushing seven years now.

It was recently hinted that a new Cinnabon location could soon open at Union Station, replacing one that was an aromatic mainstay of the former Bay Concourse before it closed for reconstruction in 2015.

In a recent episode of Ask Me Anything with Anne Marie Aikins, a podcast hosted by Metrolinx's chief spokesperson, it was revealed that the buttery baked goods, renowned for their station-filling aroma, would soon make their return to the city's busiest transit hub.

Host Matt Llewelyn cues Aikins on the topic of the famed cinnamon roll purveyor's long-rumoured return, saying, "if you take that GO Train into Union Station, you might end up with a familiar smell very soon."

This is about the part where many will either start drooling by reflex or begin worrying that their New Year's diet plan is about to take a hard turn off the rails. But get yourself together. It's not open yet.

"I know this isn't necessarily fully in Metrolinx's scope, but, man when you start talking about Cinnabon, it brings back a lot of nostalgia," continues Llewelyn.

"I'd have to go by it every day several times a day to go to my office and I used to be able to smell it when I'd go home," says Aikins.

Aikins notes that Metrolinx is the "biggest presence down at Union Station so people assume we control everything, but we don't. The whole facility is actually managed by the City of Toronto, and we all work together on it."

"The actual stores and vendors are managed by a company the city hires, so we usually hear about what's coming to Union Station the same time as everyone else hears about it."

"Late last week, we did hear some exciting news. People heard that Cinnabon is going to come back in the new Bay Concourse. It just recently opened and the stores are just gradually coming," adds Aikins.

Aikins says that her main concern going forward is the fear that she will once again be unable to shake that tantalizing cinnamony smell after returning home after a long day at work, saying, "I'm going to start smelling like that again."

No opening date has been provided just yet, but even if they miss the announcement, commuters' noses will undoubtedly alert them to Cinnabon's new location once those ovens start churning out these coiled caloric confections.

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