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Toronto store faces backlash after working with controversial MP Kevin Vuong

A grocery store in Toronto is facing major backlash from people online for associating with MP Kevin Vuong. 

The owners of Unboxed Market, Toronto's first zero-waste store, say they've been dealing with a private business issue involving the government for the past two years. 

The grocery store says they were told to get help from their local member of parliament, which at the time they thought was Julie Dzerowicz. 

Unboxed says Dzerowicz told them to get in touch with Vuong, who could further help them with their issue. 

"His appearance at our store today was to provide updates on this ongoing issue, and advise that he still has not received our files from Julie Dzerowicz's office which could further assist in resolving the issue," the store tweeted on Wednesday. 

Right before this year's federal election, it was revealed that Vuong had a sexual assault charge dropped back in 2019. 

In response, Vuong's campaign was put on pause by the Liberals as they reviewed the claims. 

Vuong made statements on the matter saying the allegations weren't true, and even though people wanted him to resign, he insisted that it wouldn't happen. 

By the time the allegations came forward, it was too late to remove Vuong from the ballot process.

Although he was ousted from the Liberal party, Vuong ended up being elected as Independent Member of Parliament for Spadina-Fort York. 

On Wednesday, Vuong tweeted about visiting Unboxed which garnered a lot of reaction from Torontonians. 

Some people took the opportunity to continue pushing for Vuong's resignation.

Another person spoke about the harm small businesses may face when associating themselves with the MP.

Others were warning Unboxed Market about the consequences of being involved with Vuong.

Vuong responded to the grocery store's tweet addressing the controversy behind working with him.

Unboxed Market had a few supporters who say they feel bad for what the store now has to deal with due to Vuong's visit.

The grocery store finalized its statement by making it clear that the visit was strictly for resolving the federal issue they're dealing with.

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Hector Vasquez

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