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Toronto woman opening cafe is documenting her journey for all to see

Starting a new business, especially one in the food service industry, is one of the most challenging tasks someone can take on.

That's why Toronto entrepreneur Sofia Reshetnikovat has decided to document the process every step of the way, sharing the journey of opening a brand new cafe on her Instagram

Called Sava Cafe, the new spot will be located at 2674 Yonge street with a soft launch planned for November 20.

She has been sharing everything from challenges faced, recipes she's trying, and even outlining her business plan. It's been a fascinating insight into what goes on behind the scenes any time a new business is opening up in the city.

This is Reshetnikova's first cafe, though she has learned from assisting in her family's business back in Russia, helping to run a hotel and cafe before coming to Toronto.

"I started my Instagram page as food blog where I shared my passion for food, some cooking tips and recipes," Reshetnikova told blogTO.

"When I finally decided to open a cafe I though I’d continue sharing my experience. I personally would love to follow someone's experience with real-life challenges and tips on solving them. Plus, looking back it works like a diary and photo-album."

The support from her followers is one of the main reasons Reshetnikova says she didn't quit when times got tough and the inevitable hardships of opening a cafe began to hit.

At the same time, her page has helped others understand how expensive of a journey even opening a small cafe can be with renovation costs for electrical, plumbing and ventilation surprising many of her followers.

With the soft launch just a week away, Reshetnikova and her team are finally excited to show the result of all this hard work. Specially featured during the launch is her dad's proven Blini recipe, a style of Russian crepe batter.

"I am super excited for guests to try our savory crepes which we will serve on buckwheat gallette, the way French people do. We use Canadian organic flour which is naturally gluten free and has a unique nutty flavor," Reshetnikova said.

Much like seeing a good story wrap up in a book or movie, those who have been following Sava Cafe's story on Instagram are sure to be excited to see the final product when it's available very soon.

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Sofia Reshetnikova

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