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Toronto's hidden new pizza joint is only open on weekends

Toronto's hottest new pizza joint is only open on Saturday and Sunday, and it comes to us from the brother of one of the most popular burger spots around, which also started as a limited-time project.

Good Corner Pizza was founded by Christos Bourolias, brother of Burger Drops owner Greg Bourolias. He started it in September with his wife Zoë, exploding onto the scene with four sold out events. 

In the hospitality industry for a while now in front of house roles, Christos is part of a network of food talent: Zoë is a sourdough and bread expert, his grandmother Anthoula fed her Greek village from her wood-burning oven, and he's worked in the Burger Drops kitchen alongside his brother.

"My wife Zoë has always been very good with sourdoughs and bread making so I picked her brain because I wanted to make a good pizza from a bread lover's perspective. And I love pizza," Christos Bouralias tells blogTO.

"The concept of Good Corner has to do with family and the people in my life that have influenced my love of hospitality. Primarily my grandmother, Anthoula."

The name of her village actually inspired the name of the project, literally translating to "good corner."

"Her wood burning oven and the culture she created around it was the centre of the village," says Bouralias.

Good Corner partnered with Saulter Street Brewery, Grand Cru Deli, and legendary gourmet food store Cheese Boutique for their pop-ups, and are now cooking using the pizza ovens at Indian restaurant 6ix Triangles on the weekends.

They'll be stationed there as they work on building out their own space in the future, and while you can only get their pizza on Saturday and Sunday for now, they're looking to expand hours in the future.

"I like to start slow to focus on the product, especially in a new space," says Bouralias.

This is reflected in the Good Corner menu: they deal in 12-inch pizzas in simple varieties like cheese and pepperoni, and have offered options like white potato pizzas in the past.

Now that they have a permanent space, they're live on Uber Eats during their limited open hours of Saturday and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Cheese pizzas go for $16 and pepperoni pizzas are priced at $18, both topped with a cheese trifecta of fior di latte, mozzarella and parm.

The only catch is, there are no walk-ups: you have to use Uber Eats to order pickup or delivery.

"My goal is to extend the hours in the day in which we're available and add more days of operation for sure," says Bouralias.

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