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Popular vegan restaurant in Toronto opening with a brand new concept

One of Toronto's most beloved vegetarian restaurants, The Hogtown Vegan is returning to their old 1056 Bloor Street West location with a brand new concept that is sure to get people excited.

Named Hunny, the new restaurant is intended to be a cousin of sorts to Hogtown Vegan, offering many of the same dishes with an entirely new atmosphere.

Rather than an in and out diner-type setting, Hunny will operate as more of a social spot where you can spend a couple of hours hanging out over some food and drinks.

"We're making it more of a space that we consider would be more of a comfortable space to hang out and spend all night," co-owner Jill Krasnicki told blogTO.

"People can come in early in the evening grab some food, grab some drinks and a snack and really just hang out."

Fans of Hogtown Vegan will be excited to hear that many of the most popular menu items such as their Caesar salad and mac and cheese will be making their way over to Hunny's menu as well.

Those who like trying new things should know there are plenty of new dishes planned including a vegan carbonara as well as other pastas and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Much like Hogtown Vegan, everything at Hunny including both food and drinks will be entirely vegan.

On top of a new menu, the location will also provide a whole new aesthetic.

"It's not minimalist modern style at all. Very much the opposite. It's bright, there's lot of pink in there and a lot of the artwork we got in there is from thrift stores," Krasnicki said.

"It's very much the Hogtown brand but a very different vibe. Very much sit down, get comfortable, don't leave."

Hunny is scheduled to open sometime in October.

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