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Toronto now has a vending machine for sweet treats and more could be on the way

A vending machine selling baked goods may not come as a surprise in Toronto where we've already gotten a cake vending machine, but this one is in a place where you could also pair your cookie with a coffee or even a beer.

Boxcar Social's Summerhill bottle shop and general store location is now home to a cookie vending machine from one of Toronto's most popular sources for sweet treats.

Called Bake Shoppette, it was created by Bake Shoppe and is stocked with pop tarts, Nutella cookies, Ruffles squares, "magic bars," peanut butter cookies, and even patches and T-shirts, all ranging in price from $3.25 to $25.

Once residing at a College St. storefront, Bake Shoppe is now an online store that does curbside pickup only.

Boxcar Social is known for their inventive pairings and ability to transition concepts from day to night, known for their cocktails as much as they are for their espresso.

"Boxcar Social and Bake Shoppe have had quite a long history together. They used to be one our OG pastry suppliers that drew in quite a following with days like Pop Tart Fridays and their scrumptious Nutella cookies," Summerhill general manager Heba Kandil tells blogTO.

"As both companies eventually changed directions, I was still receiving requests about those pop tarts years afterwards, so with Cindy and Morgan still being friends of the shop they had mentioned they were looking for a space to house the first, of hopefully more, vending machines."

The vending machine is wrapped in a vinyl design by local artist Mony Zakhour, and was installed last week. The artist also has a connection to Bake Shoppe, with a mural by them in their old College St. shop.

Items can be purchased with the tap of a debit or credit card (no worries about smoothing out any wrinkly bills).

"In terms of pairings, for a morning delight I would highly recommend the pop tart with the Ethiopian Goraa from Subtext on espresso, and for an evening pick-me-up I would suggest the Ruffles square with the Pale Classic Burdock x Boxcar collab pale ale," says Kandil.

Bake Shoppe general manager Morgan Payne tells blogTO that they'd love to open more vending machines eventually though it's just the one for now, and that the concept was inspired by similar ideas outside Canada.

"We obviously wanted to do it differently and put our Bake Shoppe spin on it," says Payne.

"When we reached out looking for a location for the machine, Heba was excited to propose Summerhill's bottle shop. When we knew that we wanted to do a wrap, the only person who came to mind was Mony."

Candy bars and soda, step aside: there's a new vending machine in town.

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