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Toronto restaurant clarifies it's not closing after confused customers express sympathy

A Toronto restaurant has had to publicly clarify that it's not closing permanently after making a confusing Instagram post that made people think it was shutting down.

Ramen Raijin on Wellesley posted a photo to Instagram on Mar. 10 overlaid with text reading "Raijin Bento will be closed permanently as of March 13th." Naturally, with these words appearing far too often in our feeds, some people jumped to conclusions and assumed this meant the entire restaurant was permanently closing.

Lots of comments on the post say things like, "Noooo," "You will be missed," and "I'm so sorry!"

The way restaurants operate these days can be super confusing, and not just when it comes to rules for curbside pickup. With a plethora of "ghost kitchens" and "virtual restaurants" popping up, often with several being run out of the same space or by the same brand, it can be difficult to keep things straight.

What Ramen Raijin meant to inform customers of was that its Raijin Bento menu would be ending Mar. 13, a special menu available on delivery apps that's slightly different from their normal menu.

As they write in the caption to their post announcing Bento "closing," "Luckily, some of the items from Raijin Bento will be available at Ramen Raijin."

The restaurant made a clarifying post the next day saying, "Ramen Raijin remains open at the same location. Our online store is also available. ONLY BENTO menu will end as of March 13th. Sorry for the confusion. We really appreciate your support!"

We're glad to hear they'll be sticking around.

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Hector Vasquez

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