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10 ghost kitchens in Toronto for your next restaurant delivery

Ghost kitchens in Toronto are good for shaking up your routine. We all have our favourites we order from regularly, but when you get bored of the same old or just can't decide what to have, take a look at the menus from these inventive virtual restaurants without a physical storefront.

Here are ghost kitchens in Toronto to try for your next delivery.


Storm Crow Manor has come out with this ghost kitchen offering delivery of "apocalyptic" fried chicken with options on the menu like the Chickageddon Spicy Sandwich, ​Mama's Bourbon Chicken & Waffles and Chicken & Biscuits Dee-luxe.


This Japanese restaurant group keeps coming out with new virtual restaurant concepts for delivery, such as JapaSando delivering Japanese katsu sandos, and Aburi Bunz delivering flame-torched buns filled with fried chicken and hot sauce or pork cha-shu, kimchi and cheese.

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Get surf n' turf delivered from this classy ghost kitchen that does PEI lobster rolls, albacore tuna salads, Nashville hot shrimp sandwiches, shucked and unshucked oysters, burgers, popcorn shrimp, lobster poutine and chowder.

ghost kitchens toronto

Vegan pot pie from Pie Baked Love. Photo from Pie Baked Love.

Pie Baked Love

This business uses a pizzeria's kitchen to facilitate production of vegan pot pies in Classic (chicken pot pie style), Wellington (beef and mushroom style), and Leek and Potato varieties.

Mel's Pizza

A tight menu from this ghost kitchen features their popular Pizza Alla Vodka, as well as their Garlic Delight, Marinara, Satellite (basically Hawaiian) and The Windsor with mushrooms and chopped pepperoni.

Divine Dumplings

Dumpling delivery is the name of the game when it comes to this virtual restaurant that has pork and chive, chicken, beef and seafood dumplings on the menu.

Tacos Maria Bonita

Delivery to Jane Station and within a small radius is available from this family-run business that sells a different Mexican dish each week, like birria and taco kits.

ghost kitchens toronto

Pizzas from Church of Pizza are topped with entire garlic bulbs. Photo from Church of Pizza.

Church of Pizza

If you like puns and pizza, try this cheeky virtual restaurant offering delivery of pizzas like The Virgin Margherita, Tabernac!, Garden of Eatin' and Hail Mary, Four of Cheese, all topped with an entire roasted garlic bulb.

Guerilla Burger

Vegan gourmet burgers and mac n' cheese are the specialty of this ghost kitchen that operates out of Eva's Original Chimney.


Modern Filipino food is available from this home-based online food business, including a 22-layer olive oil chocolate cake and three-course meals for two with spicy chicken and smoky pork - perfect for date night at home.

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Guerilla Burger

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