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Toronto ice cream parlour has to ask customers to follow health regulations

A Toronto ice cream parlour this week had to post politely asking their customers and their children to follow health regulations like wearing a mask and keeping their distance. 

Carter's Ice Cream owner Tammy Wiseberg informed people through the company's Facebook page that they have to wear masks when approaching their takeout window, and that it gives them "no joy" to enforce this policy but they have to follow the rules.

Carter's ice cream and other milk products through a window opening in a screen door, and asks people to mask up as they approach the window to follow COVID-19 protocols. A "mask zone" has been outlined in chalk in front of the door.

"For the most part our customers are happy to comply," Wiseberg tells blogTO. "Occasionally we run into obstacles when serving families with small children."

Children are often excited and run up to the window and pull their masks down, or sometimes they just don't have one. Unfortunately because of the height of the window they're able to lean directly into the shop so they're not properly distanced from staff. The people standing outside are actually less of a problem for the shop.

Wiseberg thinks parents sometimes don't realize their children are potential threats to the health of his staff hen they're breathing into the shop space unmasked.

"It's a very difficult position when we have to ask children to step back," says Wiseberg.  "Some people understand, some don't."

"We mean no offence, we are only trying to keep Carter's staff and our community safe."

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