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Calgary coffee chain plans to take over abandoned Starbucks locations in Toronto

The mass closure of Starbucks stores across Toronto marks a new era of coffee chains in the city—specifically, companies hoping to capitalize on the footprint left behind by the Seattle megabrand.

Calgary-based chain Good Earth Coffeehouse has announced that it intends on expanding across the country by moving into empty stores that Starbucks left behind. 

The brand, which has been around since 1991, confirmed to Retail Insider that it's hoping to fill a void following more than 25 Starbucks closures across Toronto and nearly 300 Canada-wide. 

It certainly won't be taking over hundreds of vacant storefronts, and which locations in Toronto has yet to be announced. But Good Earth says that it does plan to launch multiple franchises simultaneously, rather than open one cafe at a time.

Good Earth did not immediately respond to blogTO's request for comment.

Good Earth currently has 45 locations stretching from B.C. to Montreal, but none left in Toronto following the recent closure of its store on Jarvis Street.

The company is not the only coffee chain to capitalize on empty Starbucks stores.

Second Cup is currently offering an e-promotion that offers people a free vanilla bean latte every time they pass by one of seven closed Starbucks stores in Toronto.

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