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Another Wendy's ghost kitchen is opening in Toronto where a 7-Eleven used to be

Wendy's has been rolling out ghost kitchens around Toronto, and another one has recently appeared where a 7-Eleven used to be.

Located at Danforth and Donlands, it's one of several trailer-style ghost kitchens created in partnership with REEF. Unlike ghost kitchens that operate without storefronts or dining rooms but appear on delivery apps as multiple brands, the portable trailer ghost kitchens serve food from just the one — in thise case, Wendy's.

"There is a Wendy's REEF Neighbourhood Kitchen opening at that site next week. As you may already know, Wendy's is working with REEF to open several Neighbourhood Kitchens in Canada," a representative from Wendy's Restaurants of Canada told blogTO.

"Ghost kitchens are an important component of Wendy's non-traditional growth strategy and offer a new avenue for urban consumers to access Wendy's."

Responses to a post about the trailer in a neighbourhood Facebook group are mostly positive, with people saying "That would be great" and "awesome," looking forward to 99 cent Frosties and commenting that there isn't a Wendy's in the area.

Some aren't thrilled, though, saying it's a "waste of space" and could siphon business from local spots.

The first Wendy's ghost kitchen to appear in Toronto popped up at 325 Front St. about three months ago.

While the Wendy's representative did confirm with blogTO that several "Neighbourhood Kitchens" are opening in Canada, the Donlands and Danforth location is the only one they can confirm as opening soon at this time.

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Raza Siddiqui

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