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24-year-old in Toronto launches successful pinata cake business

A Toronto 24-year-old who started her own pinata cake business has attracted the attention of high end clients such as TikTok, Valeria Lipovetsky and Sasha Exeter.

"To date, some of our wildest successes have been making TikTok's GTA influencers their holiday appreciation gift, being the cake of choice for influencer Valeria Lipovetsky's 1 millionth follower celebration, and Sasha Exeter's daughter's birthday cake," Tennaya Rach of Break My Cake told blogTO.

Rach actually got the jump on the "pinata cake" trend before the pandemic hit, launching the business in October 2019.

If you're not already aware, the "cakes" are actually chocolate shells you smash with hammers, revealing a cornucopia of sweet goodies like candies and chocolate inside.

"I started Break My Cake because growing up, I was never satisfied with birthday cake, so Break My Cake is the cake for those who want a birthday cake upgrade. I've really discovered people enjoy smashing something delicious with a hammer, especially in the recent year. And I am grateful to provide them with that opportunity," says Rach.

You may have seen these smash cakes or boxes around in the form of geometric hearts or other shapes with custom lettering and decorations on top, but Break My Cake takes it to the next level with cakes shapes like roses, donuts and more.

"As a young woman, about to turn 24, this has been the first endeavour of mine that has thrived, and that I've been very passionate about. I have taken multiple steps to ensure the safety of my staff and customers," says Rach.

"It is important, especially during this crazy pandemic, that food and health precautions are taken very seriously. I think it's important to take every step possible to run a small business safely with proper certifications, and I consider myself a shining example in that category." 

Customized pinata cakes start at $59.99 and range up to $129 for donut-shaped cakes, and can be ordered online for delivery or pickup.

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