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21-year-old Toronto baker makes cakes for both you and your pet

We all look forward to celebrating with friends and family by eating cake on our birthdays. But when it comes to pets, they're usually left out of the fun when it comes to their special day.

That's why 21-year-old Sara Ghods decided to create her very own pet cakes.

The idea came to Ghods after she brought her new pet bunny Lily home, and her family decided to get a cake to celebrate. Although all the humans in her family were able to enjoy the treat, feeding cake to the bunny wasn't going to work.

So Ghods began researching the diets of different animals in order to create something that would be totally safe for them to enjoy. Her dad, a veterinarian, helped Ghods create cakes that were specific to each animal's needs and diets.

Although she began taking her business, Baking You Happy, seriously last year, baking and cake decorating was not something new to Ghods who has been practicing the craft since she was 12-years-old. 

"I would refuse to eat my dinner until I rearranged my dinner plate to look like a smiley face or even scenery," Ghods admitted to blogTO.

Her mom initially introduced her to cake decorating, and Ghods remembers the incredible birthday cakes her mom would make for her and her sister.

When the pandemic hit and her classes went online, Ghods was finally able to practice baking and cake decorating once again while living at home with her parents.

No longer in the cramped shared kitchen at the University of Waterloo, she was able to finally take her passion to the next level, and she began sharing her creations on Instagram.

Her pet cakes flavours include carrot, sweet potato, banana, and pumpkin, and you can add chicken or bacon for an extra charge if your pet especially loves meat. All her pet cakes are natural and plant-based, free of sugars or artificial colours.

"I thought it would be really cool to bring the cake decorating world into the pet parent world and make unique, custom pet-friendly cakes with pet-friendly ingredients," she says.

As a pet owner of three pets herself, Lily the bunny, a turtle, and a hamster, Ghods is an advocate of spoiling her pets with treats, just like her customers. 

Her favourite orders are when she gets to match a pet's unique name to a cake, or create a cake based on their favourite toy. 

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