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Popular Korean snack bar in Toronto shutting down a year after opening

A Korean snack bar that only opened about a year ago has announced they're shutting their doors.

Boonsik dealt in Korean snacks like kimbap, mini corn dogs, tteokbokki, and mandoo, and took to social media to announce they'd soon be closing. The space was formerly home to more upscale concept Doma, which was run by the same people.

They announced the news in an Instagram post earlier this week.

"Our lease is simply over. We thought, instead of renewing the term in the same space, we might want to consider venturing into a new location/environment. We made ourselves a really warm home in Little Italy since 2016, not to mention the amazing customers we had and built up," Jenna Lee and Paul Kim of Boonsik told blogTO.

"But because we were solely based downtown, we've always received inquiries on branching out, even more after opening Boonsik. Perhaps it's time for us to give the newer audience opportunities to try our food."

That means those concerned about getting their Korean egg sandwich fix may not be at a total loss.

"Nothing is set in stone yet. We got a few offers, but want to be considerate and not too hasty at the moment. We will probably be back with another fun, unique concept. We will also try to keep our core and most sought menus like Boonsik's signature egg sandwich," say Lee and Kim. 

"Customers' ultimate favourite from the very beginning. It makes us so happy to hear that our food was their highlight during times like this. The bond is real."

Boonsik's last day open will be Feb. 26. They're encouraging customers who want one last taste to preorder to reserve portions for pickup (especially for egg sandwiches), and are expecting to show up as "currently unavailable" a lot on Uber Eats due to the demand. They're not sure who will be taking over the Little Italy space.

"We're assuming a new tenant will come in, don't know who or what the landlord's plans are. Wishing all the best to future business owners," say Lee and Kim.

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