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Toronto area residents wait in huge lines at Krispy Kreme despite pandemic

Part of the new reality of life under COVID-19 has included long, spaced-out lineups that allow for proper social distancing as people wait to stock up on food and other essentials. 

Thankfully for residents of the Toronto area, we're no strangers to waiting in lines.

Some could even go as far as saying that we actually love them, even in the midst of a terrifying global pandemic — at least, that appears to be the case at one doughnut shop just west of the city.

Over the past few weeks, bystanders near the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store in Mississauga have been shocked to see massive lines filled with dozens of cars of customers seemingly happy to wait for upwards of an hour and a half to get their hands on a dozen of the chain's signature glazed goods.

The location, at Mavis and Britannia, was the first Krispy Kreme to open in Canada when the chain expanded north of the border in 2001.

Apparently, over the course of nearly 20 years, the brand's novelty has yet to wear off. (The fact that people are looking for any excuse to leave the house and are turning to sweet snacks in a time of coronavirus-induced stress probably helps, too.)

Passersby have filmed seemingly endless lines of cars winding around the entire parking lot of the plaza the shop is located in, with one aerial shot from this month showing 127 vehicles idling around for their turn to purchase some boxes of doughy goodness.

The store has been placing pylons out each day to guide drivers during its now-regularly hectic opening hours, and has even hired a guard to direct traffic.

One local claimed on Reddit that the bakery has had to place a limit of five dozen doughnuts per customer, saying that in their experience, the early morning wait around 10 a.m. was approximately 75 minutes.

"I'm chubby and love everything sweet but I wouldn't even do this. Who are these people?" another user commented on the now-popular thread about the absurd lineups.

"And to think I drove by McDonalds today because 10 cars were waiting in line and I didn't think it was worth it. I guess people have their own perspective on how to use their time," yet another added.

One Krispy Kreme fan in Toronto told HuffPost that he's actually waited in the hellish line twice in the past week, saying that it has been just as busy every day.

The customer said he was able to secure 10 boxes of doughnuts on one trip and five on the second, adding that he somehow thinks "it's cool to see everyone waiting in line, doing the same thing."

Apparently, the phenomenon has been taking place at other Krispy Kreme locations in Canada, too.

Though doughnuts are great and all — Krispy Kreme or otherwise — it seems as if isolation is indeed having a negative effect on some people's judgment (and perhaps their sanity).

Or maybe the GTA is just being the GTA, as patient and eager to line up as ever.

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Zain Rao

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