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Toronto neighbourhood is getting a Domino's Pizza and people aren't happy

A new sign for a Domino's location just popped up in a storefront that once housed the beloved Florabunda flower shop in Leslieville, and community members are furious. 

One resident posted about the new location in Leslieville's Facebook group earlier today, pointing out the pattern that seems to be emerging in the neighbourhood and the rest of the city. 

"This is the future of Leslieville, and of all Toronto neighborhoods if something isn't done about commercial rent control," he wrote.

"The biggest U.S. pizza chain has replaced our 10-year-old family-run florist shop. These landlords get to hide from public scrutiny while they jack rents with impunity, disassociated from life in the community in which they are privileged to be able to own storefront."

Florabunda, which served as the community's main flower market for 10 years, announced they'd be closing their doors earlier this year due to a major rent increase. 

At the time, co-owner Marc Staples said costs had been increasing over the past few years and their new lease proposal would have hiked their rent by over 53 per cent. The increase would have resulted in a near-tripling of their rent since they opened in 2009. 

In light of this, fellow frustrated Leslieville residents are commenting on the Facebook post en masse to express their thoughts on the situation. 

"Such a shame," one person wrote. 

"Don’t get me started," another said. 

Some are even saying they plan to boycott Domino's in order to prove a point. 

"Boycotting Domino's now," one resident wrote. "If places like Domino's don't do well in our neighborhood they won't want to be here."

But out of the 75 comments from unhappy Leslievillians, the vast majority seem to be expressing disappointment about the fact that the neighbourhood is slowly losing what once made it great. 

"Oh my god no," one resident wrote. "Seriously? Domino's? I guess the landlords don't live in the neighbourhood and don't care about its character and uniqueness of the streetscape. This is horrible."

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