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You can now get Indian grilled cheese sandwiches in Toronto

What's better than Indian food and grilled cheese sandwiches? Why, having both at the same time of course. 

Now you can, thanks to Thindi in Toronto. The take out joint sells Indian-style grilled cheese sandwiches and noodles in imitation of Indian Maggi joints, and now has their first location at World Food Market at 335 Yonge. 

That includes a particularly Insta-worthy bright green grilled cheese sandwich made with a scratch chutney made out of cilantro, mint, lime juice, peanuts, yogurt and spices. 

But the sandwiches don't stop there. There's a pineapple grilled cheese for pineapple lovers made with homemade pineapple jam, pineapple slices and mozzarella. 

"I come from a small town in Gujarat, Rajkot," says owner Anuja Mehta. "I used to love getting this as a snack, after school. There, they would serve is cold, not grilled, and with a lot of fresh grated cheese on top. We chose to grill this one for our menu and it tastes equally good. Sweet and salty, served with whipped cream."

You can also get Mumbai sandwiches, apparently a classic street food snack: layers of potato, chutney, cucumber, onion, tomato, chat masala and cheese. All sandwiches top out at $10.

"Most Indians grew up eating our version of instant ramen, Maggi Noodles. They bring back nostalgic childhood memories for many of us... street vendors in India take these same noodles and add their own flair to them — Think of flavours like Garlic chili, Manchurian, Italian and many more," says Mehta.

"Based on this, we brought our own variations of these noodles to downtown Toronto, invoking that same comforting feeling of 'home' and street eats."

In addition to many noodle options including mushroom, spinach, tadka and Desi mac n' cheese, Thindi also serves noodle cheese bombs.

"This is a small bite special that we recently introduced, it's our take on 'arancini' but made with the noodles I mentioned above," says Mehta. "We add a special spice mix to the noodles and green bell peppers, chopped onions and fresh cilantro. They are molded into spheres with a cheesy center and deep-fried."

There's just no end to what you can find to eat on the streets of Toronto, with many other global food options available in this market alone. 

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