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Beyond Meat burgers are coming to Toronto grocery stores

Long gone are the days of vegans being forced to eat mustard on hot dog buns at family BBQs (unless their family sucks or they really enjoy mustard sandwiches, that is).

Plant-based proteins are all but "normal" now, as evidenced by Canada's 2019 Food Guide, and the demand for meatless meatiness is attracting some big players north of the border.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles-based Beyond Meat company partnered with A&W to roll out its signature plant-based burger patties across the country. The product proved so popular that restaurants struggled to keep up with the demand.

Now, the Beyond Burger is coming for your home grill.

Beyond Meat just announced that its soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free veggie burgers would soon be available in most major Canadian grocery stores: Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Whole Foods, Freshco, Longos, Food Basics, Fresh Street Market—the works.

Currently, you can only find this product in select gourmet food markets such as Pusateri's

You'll find the burgers in the meat case at your local haunt by the end of May for around $7.49 per 2-pack, despite the fact that they're entirely meat-free.

Described as the "first plant-based burger that's designed to look, cook and satisfy like beef but is made entirely from plants," the Beyond Burger is good not only for your waistline and conscience, but the environment.

"We couldn’t be more excited that just in time for the summer BBQ season, Canadians can now enjoy our burgers at home with friends and family, while receiving the added health and environmental benefits of plant-based meat," said Beyond Meat Founder Ethan Brown in a press release issued Tuesday.

"We are about accessibility and meeting people where they're at in their journey — whether you're a hardcore carnivore or a strict vegan, you should be able to have our burgers, enjoy what you're eating and feel great afterward."

The hype, as they say, is real, but you can find that out for yourself this summer in the comfort of your own backyard.

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