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Man trashing bathroom at popular Toronto restaurant caught on video

A local restaurant patron is getting his 15 seconds of fame this week for destroying a bathroom door with one hand.

Restauranteur Grant van Gameren, who owns Bar Isabel, Bar Raval, El Rey, Harry's Charbroiled and Pretty Ugly, among others, posted some shocking security camera footage to his personal Instagram account on Sunday.

"When a BRO shows up early for his reservation but can't understand why his table's not ready," reads van Gameren's caption. "#restolife #justanothersaturdaynight #itscoolbro #weneededanewdooranyways #worldstar."

The short black and white clip shows a jacked young man in a fitted long sleeve t-shirt entering a bathroom at the popular College Street restaurant Bar Isabel.

He immediately slams the door behind him and then kicks it so hard that it flies off the hinges and spins around multiple times before crashing to the ground.

I mean, if this were filmed for some sort of action video, it would actually be kind of cool. But it wasn't. The video is just evidence of someone destroying private property.

Hundreds of people have commented on the video since van Gameren posted it, most of them to decry the kicker's behaviour and suggest that he is experiencing negative side effects from steroids, cocaine, creatine, alcohol or having undersized genitals (none of which has been proven.)

Fans of Bar Isabel are angry about the incident, but van Gameren is taking it all in stride.

"Honestly, just another day in the restaurant business," he said by email. "If it's not this, then it's someone that skips out on the bill, tells a host to f*ck off or drives a car through the front of your restaurant."

The chef went on to praise his staff and managers for remaining calm and cool.

"They removed the problem and dealt with the mess quickly," he said, "but most importantly, offered his date the opportunity to continue dining with us because no one should be around someone when they are that aggressive."

Nobody was hurt in the incident and the door has been temporarily fixed, according to van Gameren, "so that our guests can once again pee in privacy."

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Grant van Gameren/Instagram

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