Curb Crave Toronto

New Toronto food truck does epic tandoori tacos

Curb Crave sells Canadian comfort classics out of a truck that you’d be more likely to expect to appear in front on you while sitting on a barstool. Epic poutine, hot wings and basic burgers are on the menu here.

They also blend global influences into these iconic items, knowing that the streets of Toronto are demanding of more diverse tastes like tandoori tacos and wings.

curb kraveTheir cutely named and utterly Torontonian Hotline Wings ($10 for a pound) come in a good array of flavours, from cajun dusted to Thai red curry, tandoori and honey garlic.

curb crave torontoThe only challenge is making this saucy fave that typically requires two hands translate to the street, though ample wet wipes are provided.

Curb Crave Toronto

You can also simply order these juicy, nicely sized bad boys in mild, medium, or hot, and they come with blue cheese or ranch dip. The medium packs a punch without being overly spicy, and the tandoori has an even hotter kick to it.

I like the lightening flavour that a little fresh cilantro brings.

curb crave torontoThe Tando Toti Taco ($6 for one, $10 for two) envelops chunks of flavourful tandoori chicken in soft Embassy roti bread with balancing yogurt, cilantro, and grilled onion and peppers. The easiest to carry, this is by far one of their most popular items.

Curb Crave Toronto

The Curb Burger ($6 for a single, $8 for a double) is a straight-up classic with pickles and cheese.

Curb Crave TorontoFor $3, you can make all these into combos that include hand-cut fries and a drink.

Curb Crave Toronto

If you’re going to call it the Great Canadian Poutine ($8), it better have bacon on it. A good sized portion of their hand-cut fries are smothered in cheese and gravy and topped with crispy bacon.

Curb Crave TorontoCurb Crave makes it so that you now no longer have to wait for work to end and the bar to open at five o’clock to hit those wings and burgers. Now you can chow down on your favourites right on the sidewalk.

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Hector Vasquez

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