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14 new cafes for studying and free Wi-Fi in Toronto

Cafes for studying and free Wi-Fi in Toronto help to soothe your cramming woes with a friendly environment, snacks, and of course, lots and lots of caffeine. Here’s where to go to study when your Internet conks out at the last vital second or your roommate won’t stop playing Metallica.

Bodega Henriette

Located in the Upper Beaches, this cafe/bar/restaurant/corner store serves all the needs of the neighbourhood. Hearty vegetarian sandwiches are served along with upscale fare, and when coffee just isn’t inspiring enough, try an espresso cocktail.

Hale Coffee

This roastery at Dupont and Symington supplies some of the premier spots in the city with beans, and they also supply their sit-down customers with free Wi-Fi in a fun industrial environment with funky little plant study buddies and yummy sandwiches.

Bob Coffee Bar

Another late night cafe/bar combo, this one sits at Christie and Davenport right across the street from Hillcrest Park. They’re equipped with what they call “100mbps of goodness” as well as outlets for laptops and additional USB plugs for devices.


This Yorkville cafe is across the street from one of the entrances to Bay station, making for a quick getaway when you need to jet to class. Try a halva or cayenne latte and enjoy the rustic subterranean gold rush vibes at the back if you find windows only provide distractions.


This space on Dundas West is also a combo business, posing as a chic boutique for Canadian-made fashion as well as coffee, so you can indulge in a little retail therapy after your hardcore study sesh.

Fix Coffee + Bike

How the heck are you going to get that flat fixed, finish that paper and get to school for that midterm? The answer is at Alma and Dufferin in Parkdale, where you can get killer coffee and your bike repaired at the back.


Do you feel all the scones, muffins, and cookies at cafes make you feel more like snoozing than studying? Get some real brain food at this cafe that makes their own nut milk and uses it in all their caffeinated beverages.

Safehouse Coffee

This cute cafe revitalized what was once an old junk shop at the corner of Dundas and Brock. In addition to coffee, they’ve got scrumptious baked goods from Desmond & Beatrice (some of which are vegan) and juices from Village Juicery.

The Independent

This spot near Queen and Spadina does great coffee and mini sammies, and offers a chic environment in which to study. Bookshelves are stocked, and the owner is even affiliated with the Writing Project, a literacy program.

Black Bear Espresso

Located at Yonge and Carlton, not only does this place serve your classic caffeinated beverages, but they also have Aussie drinks like non-caffeinated floats made with milk, ice cream, and whipped cream if a sugar rush is more your style.


At a whopping 185mbps, this cafe, beauty parlour, restaurant and bar in Markham takes the cake for Internet speed. Here you could get your hair done and chow down on an eel pizza at the same time. They’re also equipped with other equipment like a projector and a latte laser printer.

Run and Gun

This Dundas West cafe features treats Baked by Drake including mint or chamomile macarons. There’s bleacher seating with twinkly lights for getting through those chapters, and a big sturdy table for spreading out your notes and texts, plus USB outlets.

Odd Espresso Bar

Though this imposing corner cafe with a bright yellow sign at the corner of Dufferin and College doesn’t exactly look small, it’s even larger than you’d think with seating for over twenty people, including a large table at the front and several at the back.

808 Social Bar

This place has super high-speed Internet in its various quirky rooms (the main one featuring a wagon wheel chandelier), as well as tons of accessible outlets. They’re doing espresso right here, serving shots with sparkling water: because coffee is great, but remember to stay hydrated!

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Hector Vasquez at Safehouse

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