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The top 10 burgers you can eat at Toronto pubs

A great burger is a must on the menu at any pub in Toronto. The perfect side to a pint, a pick-me-up with a round of darts after a long day, or the means to refuel as you're watching the Jays go into extra innings, these burgers are anything but basic.

Here are my picks for the top pub burgers in Toronto.


This Danforth pub is known for its excellent whisky selection and magical back patio, complete with gigantic willow trees. They're also home to one tasty old school-style burger topped with the classics.

The Peacock Public House

This multi-level pub is a popular haunt along College Street. The pub serves traditional English pub fare like scotch eggs and bangers and mash but it's the the smash burger that shouldn't be overlooked. 

The Grover

The Upper Beaches pub prides itself on doing a really good burger and The Southwood is just that. The beef burger on a brioche bun is stacked high with bacon, cheese, sauteed onions, mushrooms, lettuce and chipotle mayo, and is topped with a pickle spear.

Maple Leaf Tavern

This Leslieville gastropub keeps things simple and delicous with their take on a cheeseburger. Striploin grind, house-made American cheese, dill relish and garlic mayonaise are all it needs.

The Wren

The saloon-style pub on the Danforth is home to some of the best restaurant burgers in Toronto. On the menu, you'll always find the Uncle Buck Burger, consisting of a flat-topped patty with onion rings, bacon, white cheddar, Thousand Island dressing, chipotle BBQ sauce, lettuce and pickle.

Pub Burger Toronto

Queen & Beaver keeps things simple when dressing their burger. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Queen & Beaver

This English pub on Elm Street is home to a hand-chopped burger that can be served with a deep pink centre on request. The patty itself is special, more akin to a steak than your average burger patty, and it needs little adornment: some melted cheese, a strip of bacon, and house-made ketchup on the side will do.


While the Bloorcourt joint is known for their craft beer offerings, don't pass up the chance to pair it with one of their many burger options like the Bacon Chilli Cheeseburger or Bloody Caesar. If you go on Monday, they're dishing them out for just $12. 

Indie Alehouse

This brewpub in the Junction has a bunch of burgers on the menu, but it's the Indie Burger that really stands out. The burger comes complete with two fresh-ground "Indie blend" patties, bacon, special sauce, lettuce, cheese and pickles. Yum!

The Aviary Brewpub

The sports pub that can be found in the Canary District on Front Street is serving up what they've dubbed the The Canary Smash Burger. The tasty offering comes with thick patty on a smushy Martin's potato roll, with the staple fixin's of an oversized lettuce leaf, tomato and onion.

Whelan's Gate 

This High Park-area pub builds its behemoth burger with a house-ground chuck patty, slapped with American cheese, grilled onions, iceberg, pickles and horseradish mayo.

Lead photo by

Hector Vasquez at Allen's. With files from Liora Ipsum and Jaclyn Skrobacky.

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