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5 ways to kill a hangover near UofT

If you have a valid ID, hangovers will probably be a fairly regular occurrence over your university career. Chances are you'll have one or two bad experiences with a beer funnel, probably botch a keg stand, or at the very least try a questionable shot named after a dessert. That's all fun and games, but now you need to learn the ABC's of dealing with the aftermath.

Here's what to do around UofT if you enjoyed a few too many beverage the previous night.

Sneaky Dee's
As Winston Churchill once said, "If you're going through hell, keep going," and that's my best advice for curing a hangover. As most students are well aware, Sneaky Dee's has some of the cheapest drinks in the city. So grab a caesar or a pitcher of sangria and start on round two. A huge bonus, they also serve brunch on weekends, if you need your fill of grease and carbs.

Future Bakery
If you weren't drinking $3 bar rail at The Lab, your wallet will probably be looking a little empty after a night out. That's when Future's comes in handy. During the semester, you can order any all-day breakfast and get 20% off (providing you brought your student ID). There's nothing better than combatting a hangover with a massive plate of bacon and eggs, and this way you can do it on a budget.

The Athletic Centre
Leaving your bed after a night of hard partying is akin to taking a senior physics exam - it's rough. Even more difficult? Making the decision to don your gym gear and head to the Athletic Centre. But if you manage to make the pilgrimage, your body will be in much better shape than if you spent your day scarfing down half-toasted Eggos in bed.

Union Juice
Hit your hangover where it hurts with an immune-boosting beverage from Union Juice. Their "Mow My Lawn" blend, made with kale, spinach, green apple, and ginger, is packed with nutrients that will help diminish the ill effects of the booze you drank the night before.

Manic Coffee
If you made the questionable decision of going out the night before an 8am lecture (and who hasn't?), coffee is your saving grace. Manic serves up all the heavily caffeinated beverages you need to make it through those dreadful few hours of class. They also have house-made baked goods, if you need a little something extra to sustain yourself.

What did I miss? Add your go-to hangover spot to the comments.

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