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Labyrinth Lounge


Posted by Staff / October 21, 2012

Labyrinth Lounge is a favourite among UofT students with its cheap drinks specials throughout the week. Three is the magic number here, a number that will bring you all sorts of alcoholic joy depending on the day. Friday it's Jameson whiskey shots or mixed drinks for $3.00, followed by Absolut shots and mixed drinks on Saturday, and $3.00 draught on Sunday. Plus rail Thursdays and Amsterdam pints and shots of Wiser's throughout the week. So, pretty much, there's no reason to leave.

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Sunglasses / May 27, 2013 at 12:04 PM

Had a great time at the lab a few times before this weekend, but things changed. I was rejected entry two times in a row. On each occasion I arrived at around 11PM, and even though it was late, I had friends with a table inside. The first occasion, I was with a larger group. The bouncer pulled my friend inside and told him that I was clearly intoxicated and could not come in. Even though I hadn't consumed any alcohol, was standing straight, and speaking clearly, the bouncer would not even aknowledge my presence, so I ended up leaving with a few friends to go elsewhere. *cough*greenroom*cough* Two days later I went back with another friend, again intending to meet people we knew inside. This time, upon reaching the front of the line, the bouncer told us it was full up and that we should go elsewhere. We informed him that we had friends inside, to which he responded that we were both intoxicated and couldn't come in. This time, since he was actually willing to speak to me, I talked with him a while and he realized his error (atleast with me) but still refused us entry. As we were walking away we saw some other people we knew and started chatting with them while they waited to get in. Upon reaching the front of the line our friends were admitted. I asked the bouncer again if we could come in as we clearly weren't lying about meeting people, giving us some credibility. He responded by telling me that I could come in, but that he "didn't like" my friend, and so I would have to leave him outside. At this point we called our group that was inside, got everyone to leave, and went to the another bar. *cough*greenroom*cough* While the cheap drinks and unassuming atmosphere are great, I won't be coming back. Nothing can get me to deal with such rude and patronizing people. On a night out I'm not looking to have to defend myself against rather slanderous accusations or be a victim of somebody's power trip. There's plenty of other great bars all around the lab, I'd suggest you go one of them instead.

John In replying to a comment from Sunglasses / September 30, 2013 at 5:28 AM

I had an EXTREMELY similar situation happen a few months back! They used to be so easy-going at the door, but it seems lately they've been throwing around the phrase "you're intoxicated" as code for "we're at capacity" or "you're not the demographic we're admitting right now" or something. It's pretty frustrating, especially since I'm not 20 years old with a penchant for sloppy, my friends and I are in our thirties and just want a chill place with cheap drinks!

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