The 15 worst restaurant offenders according to DineSafe

The worst offenders on DineSafe are restaurants that you might want to be wary of. Even if you follow our weekly roundup, it's hard to know exactly which establishments get cited for the most recurring infractions from health inspectors. Using data collected over the last three and a half years, this list includes restaurants that have had the most trouble when DineSafe inspectors came calling.

Dragon Dynasty
The track record for this dim sum parlour on Brimley Road stands at seven yellow passes.

Patna Kabab House
Seven yellow cards since January 2012 is not a great pass rate for this kebab house in Scarborough.

Lim Ga Ne
The location on Bloor is the one with the bad track record. Seven yellow cards in recent years have earned it a spot on DineSafe's watch list.

Considering the stiff competition for sushi patrons in The Annex, this Japanese restaurant needs to clean up its act! Seven conditional passes can't be good for business.

The Caribbean restaurant on Eglinton West near Oakwood makes some mighty fine Jerk chicken but gets a bad rap with DineSafe following seven conditional passes.

Falafel House
The falafel shop on Yonge St. has racked up seven conditional passes generally stemming from long lists of transgressions.

Caldense Bakery
The location on Symington Ave. is a regular on DineSafe round-ups, having earned a conditional pass seven times.

Times Square Diner
Lifted straight from our own review, "the diner is on the verge of receiving a Gordon Ramsey-esque meltdown. Floors are sticky, booths are dirty, and some of the lights above the tables were not working. When you tuck in at a greasy spoon, you expect some level of untidiness, not actual greasy spoons." DineSafe must feel the same way, their track record over the last few years currently stands at seven conditional passes.

Kim Vietnamese
The Vietnamese restaurant at 546 Dundas West was shuttered back in March 2014 for a string of offences including rodent infestation and in adequate pest control. This closure is in addition to seven other conditional passes within the past few years.

Riviera Bakery
This Little Italy stalwart just breaks my heart. I used to buy marzipan here every Christmas, but had to shop elsewhere after they were shuttered twice in 2014. That's in addition to having received six other conditional passes.

Various locations from this fried chicken chain make regular appearances on DineSafe's naughty list, but the location at 593 Yonge St. is the worst performer. Its yellow card count stands at eight.

Szechuan Legend
The restaurant on Midland is considered high risk having received eight conditional passes in under four years. It currently displays a green card, but it only got that after correcting the 14 infractions noted by health inspectors on the first try.

Liberty Shawarma
The presence of this City Place shawarma shop will likely shock no one. Despite nine conditional passes, the place has eluded being shutdown each time.

Landmark Seafood Cuisine
Fourteen conditional passes despite no closures is still a poor performance for this popular Chinese restaurant which hasn't even been open as far back as the results period goes.

Cake House Bakery
This bakery on Lawrence seemingly never gets a green card on the first try - and it's racked up 18 yellow cards - a feat considering high risk establishments typically get inspected three times a year.

Note: While The above businesses have been cited for numerous infractions from DineSafe in the past this does not imply that any of these businesses have not subsequently corrected the issue and received a passing grade. For the latest status for each of the mentioned businesses, including details on any subsequent inspections, please be sure to check the DineSafe site.

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