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The top 10 cheap lunch options in the Financial District

Cheap lunch options in the Financial District are a welcome reprieve in an area that has its fair share of pricey food. With menu items that won’t set you back more than $10, these lunchtime spots go easy on the wallet.

Here are my picks for the top cheap lunch options in the Financial District.


Located in the small ground level food court right next to King Station, this Sri Lankan spot has rotis stuffed with items like chicken kothu for $7.99 that includes a soup of the day. They also have huge thalis for $9.99, and appetizers like onion buns perfect for snacking for $1.50.

Naturally Yours

This healthy spot in First Canadian Place is chock full of natural products, but admist the vitamins you’ll also find a hot table of comfort foods like lentil loaves and rice with veggies, all for under $8, tax included.

Tropical Energy Juice Bar

This longtime smoothie and juice bar is tucked away in the Commerce Court concourse by the lower level food court. As the name implies, they specialize in fresh squeezed juices but they also have quick grab-and-go pre-made eats like salads and Korean japchae for under $6.

Ho Ga

Not only is this spot ridiculously cheap, it has big portions as well. Located in the PATH, Ho Ga is a cash-only Korean takeout that serves lunches averaging around $8 and less after tax. Styrofoam boxes with bibimbap, teriyaki, and katsus are sure to fill you up.

Noodle King

Hong Kong-style wontons are surprisingly big at this restaurant in the PATH below the Sheraton. Grab soup noodles for just $6.50; portions of barbecued chicken with rice and bok choy are generous and costs about a dollar more. 

Touch Indian

Located in the PATH, this Indian restaurant by Adelaide has a good selection of combos like tandoori chicken and wraps, all for under $8. Closed at dinnertime, head to Touch for some fluffy lunchtime naan by Yonge and Adelaide.

Fast Fresh Foods

Focusing on sandwiches and salads, this healthy spot with multiple Financial District locations lets you customize your meals with gluten free and whole wheat artisanal breads for under $9. You can also get a big custom salad with toppings like quinoa and mushrooms for around the same price.

Brick Street Bakery

As the area’s favourite bakery-cafe chain, this spot under First Canadian Place is the spot for grabbing quick eats. They have a big selection of gourmet sandwiches that average around $8; try their famous Coronation Chicken sandwich.

Sushi Cafe

This tiny spot on University is definitely a hidden gem your wallet will be happy to find. Here 12-piece sushi boxes are $6 and under, lunch sandwiches are all $3.99, plus they have lunch specials like meatballs and rice, just $5.99 for a large.

Mr. Souvlaki

Chicken souvlaki plates and gyros here run a few bucks cheaper than other Greek food court options in the PATH. With Greek faves like roasted chicken legs, and falafels, plates like a large spicy chicken plate of salad, potatos, and rice will only set you back $6.99 for a large.

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Hector Vasquez of Brick Street

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