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10 Toronto restaurant locations with high turnover

Call them the land of the damned when it comes to cuisine. These are the addresses that cycle between restaurants way too quickly for Google Maps to ever catch a break. Each Toronto neighbourhood seems to have one of these spots, and more often than not, the reason for each tenant's ultimate demise seems to elude common logic. A bright storefront on St. Clair? The busy corner of College and Clinton? Bloor and Bathurst!? All curious failures. Is there a way we can blame each and every example on the "St. Clair Disaster?" If not, I'm stumped.

Address: 596 College St
Intersection: Clinton and College
Currently: It's coming...
In recent years: Tempo, Public, Mattino
Possible explanation: High rent plus restaurant here can't seem to decide whether to focus on food or booze.

Sichuan Secret Toronto

Address: 585 Bloor St W
Intersection: Bloor and Bathurst
Currently: Sichuan Secret Restobar
In recent years: Axis Gastro Pub, Rocco's Plum Tomato, Sweet & Deli
Possible explanation: Too much competition in the area for what has been less than spectacular offerings here.

My Place - A Canadian Pub

Address: 2448 Bloor St W
Intersection: Bloor and Jane
Currently: Earth
In recent years: My Place, Billy Bob's Bistro, Fan Sports Cafe
Possible explanation: This one might have less to do with the address than the restaurants that previously took to it to set up shop. Mainly pubs and sports bars for several years, Earth arrived most recently and brought with it something a little more food-focused and refined. Seems like this one might be here to stay.

Address: 672 St. Clair Ave W
Intersection: Christie and St. Clair
Currently: Pizza e Pazzi
In recent years: Chuck and Co., Market Fine Foods, Cafe Leopold, Patty Queen
Possible explanation: Finally, one to blame on the St. Clair streetcar

mbrgr Toronto

Address: 401 King St
Intersection: King and Spadina
Currently: Bloke & 4th
In recent years: Shoeless Joe's, M:brgr, Stix 'n' Stones Bar & Grill
Possible explanation: High rent. Big space. Plus, those $100 burgers were never going to sell

The Corner Place

Address: 11 Jarvis Street
Intersection: Jarvis and Front
Currently: The Corner Place
In recent years: Ninth Gate, Garden @ Eleven, Eggsellent
Possible explanation: Lacklustre offerings that have been too geared towards tourists who don't know there are better options nearby.

Kirei Sushi Toronto

Address: 81 Church Street
Intersection: Church and Queen
Currently: Kirei Sushi
In recent years: Ivory Thailand, Young Thailand
Possible explanation: An in between location where there isn't as much foot traffic as places to the north and south. Also, why compete with nearby Golden Thai?


Address: 735 Queen St
Intersection: Tecumseth and Queen
Currently: Hoops
In recent years: Vdara, Habitat
Possible explanation: Expensive corner real estate that keeps getting more expensive. The neighbourhood just wasn't ready for haute Indian cuisine.

mitzi's on college

Address: 890 College St
Intersection: Ossington and College
Currently: N/A
In recent years: Mitzi's on College, Thai Canteen, Tasty Thai, Umbrella Bar & Lounge, Rush Bar & Grill
Possible explanation: Mitzi's had a good run there for a while. Could it be that would-be diners are heading south to the plethora of options on Dundas West?

Vivah Toronto

Address: 1560 Yonge Street, Delisle Court, Unit 201
Intersection: Yonge and St.Clair
Currently: Big Mouth Luck Dumpling House
In recent years: Vivah, Gill, Eating Court Chinese Restaurant
Possible explanation: Odd location on a mezzanine makes it tough to get a lot of walk-ins.

What did me miss? Add other cursed locations to the comment thread below.

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