Pizza Gigi seized

Pizza Gigi destined for the deadpool?

It could be deadpool for Pizza Gigi as police have recently seized the restaurant, which has been deemed an "offence-related property." Last March Gigi's owner, Salvatore Crimi, was charged with multiple drug-related offences, including the possession of what police estimated was $1 million worth of marijuana. Although many expected the popular pizzeria to remain closed following the raid, a few weeks later it was back open, its temporary closure chalked up the minor renovations rather than Crimi's run-in with the law.

But, as the Toronto Star reports, police announced today that they'll be seeking forefeiture of the restaurant, which would take place if Crimi is ultimately convicted of his offences. That leaves a window for Gigi's to remain in its owners hands, but only if he's able to successfully fight the charges against him.

"The property is not forfeited by any means. The property is still in his name," Detective Richard MacCheyne told the Post. "The restraint order makes the property available for forfeiture at the end of the proceedings. [For now], he can continue to operate his business."

So Gigi's fate now lies in the legal system and Crimi's ability to prove that he's innocent, a claim that he's made since his arrest.

Photo by Martin Reis in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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