eagle nest toronto

Breathtaking photos show Toronto's famous bald eagle with adorable new babies

Toronto's newest avian celebrity — the first-ever confirmed bald eagle to nest in the city — is now a proud parent.

In fact, there's a whole eagle family now!

The city's first-ever recorded bald eagle nest was reported by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) in March, and some exclusive new photos show the large predatory bird is now rearing a pair of adorable eaglets with another adult eagle.

To help keep the new family safe, blogTO is not reporting on the location of the eagles' nest, and members of the public are encouraged to keep their distance from the newly established bald eagle population.

Wildlife photographer Henry Huy has been visiting the undisclosed nesting location (from a safe distance) and capturing breathtaking photos using a telephoto lens — so as not to disturb the new family.

Huy tells blogTO that he visited the area on Saturday and is pleased to report that "there are two healthy baby eagles in the nest," a report confirmed by the TRCA last week.

eagle nest toronto

He arrived at the scene, where birders were already present with scopes, and observed that one of the two eaglets appeared larger than the other.

The nest is situated amid cormorant nesting grounds, and Huy said that "there were roughly three hundred cormorants setting up nests, and some of them perched very close to the eagle nest under [the] watchful eyes of the eagle."

Huy also noted that there were two adult eagles present in the vicinity of the nest.

eagle nest toronto"I was the only one of those people there who spotted an adult eagle which had left the nest before," says Huy.

eagle nest toronto

"The eagle was perching in the middle of a tree branch about thirty feet from the ground on the other side of the pond," he says, adding that it was likely "looking for fish, probably for feeding the baby eagles."

eagle nest toronto

Huy says the second eagle "flew away, but not [until] after I took some very good sharp pictures."

eagle nest toronto

"I'm so happy to see the baby eagles doing well and be able to take pictures of the whole family in the nest," says Huy.

While this is the first known Toronto nest, it represents a resurgence for the species, which was once listed as endangered and nearly extinct in the region due to the impacts of hunting and the widespread use of the since-banned pesticide dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT).

Lead photo by

Henry Huy

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