where to watch eclipse ontario

Here is exactly where and when to view the rare total solar eclipse in Ontario

A rare celestial event will darken the skies over a stretch of the continent on Monday, April 8, and there are only a few days left to decide where to view the total solar eclipse in Ontario.

Folks across the province will be scrambling to the towns and cities falling under the path of totality, and you can make sure you have your locations and times down pat with a new map released by Instant Weather Ontario, highlighting where and when to experience the eclipse's path of totality in southern Ontario.

This graphic breaks down the exact start and end times of the total eclipse, though the event will last a couple of hours in total. Here is exactly where you want to be to witness the path of totality on Monday.

  • Totality starts: 3:13:43
  • Ends: 3:15:50
  • Totality starts: 3:15:17
  • Ends: 3:15:50
St. Thomas
  • Totality starts: 3:16:29
  • Ends: 3:17:48
  • Totality starts: 3:16:49
  • Ends: 3:19:50
  • Totality starts: 3:17:49
  • Ends: 3:19:16
Niagara Falls
  • Totality starts: 3:18:18
  • Ends: 3:21:49
  • Totality starts: 3:18:12
  • Ends: 3:20:02
  • Totality starts: 3:21:37
  • Ends: 3:23:41
  • Totality starts: 3:22:15
  • Ends: 3:25:19
  • Totality starts: 3:23:28
  • Ends: 3:26:15
  • Totality starts: 3:24:58
  • Ends: 3:27:14

Toronto won't get quite as spectacular a show as these other southern Ontario towns and cities, but those staying in the city on Monday can still experience 99 per cent coverage.

There will still be plenty of great spots to witness the skies darken in Toronto, however, a questionable weather forecast could limit viewing potential on the big day.

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Mihai O Coman/Shutterstock

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