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Unreal video shows why Ontario police are cracking down on illegal car rallies

Ever since car rallies and their associated antics really began pissing people off during the lockdown era, police in Ontario have been vowing to crack down on stunt driving, overly loud vehicles and other offences, including, now, car meets themselves.

The City of Vaughan and York Regional Police this week announced a new initiative to better prevent (and punish) people engaging in unauthorized rallies, events they say are "disruptive to citizens' quality of life and pose a significant risk to the community."

As part of the new project, dubbed Operation Silent Night, the City just north of Toronto has amended its noise and special events bylaws, tacking on fines of up to $10,000 for anyone attending these types of car events specifically.

"Illegal car rallies typically involve people gathering with their modified vehicles to do stunts, taking over private property, like parking lots. These events do not have a permit or permission from the City of Vaughan to take place," officials wrote in a release announcing the changes.

"These events often come with excessive noise, speeding, stunt driving and blocking or impeding motor or pedestrian traffic."

To really drive the point of the matter home, the force shared footage from a recent event that looks more like a scene from Fast & Furious than real-life happenings in the GTA, with what look to be hundreds of people swarming around a parking lot full of vehicles.

Clips show motorists performing burnouts, racing and engaging in other unsafe and unruly activities, including driving with people packed into open trunks and piling onto cars to rock them as smoke erupts from their spinning tires.

Cops in Vaughan will now be able to issue hefty tickets under the bylaws to anyone driving or riding as a passenger at a rally; spectating, attending or bringing a vehicle to a rally; hosting, promoting or otherwise being involved in a rally; serving as a vendor at a rally; impeding the movement of car or pedestrian traffic as the result of a rally; and/or causing or permitting noise from a rally.

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