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Toronto swans go viral after heartwarming reunion caught on video

A pair of local trumpeter swans have become overnight celebrities in Toronto after a touching video of their much-anticipated reunion has been widely shared across social platforms.

The swans, two mates who reside around Bluffer's Park in Scarborough, were separated after the male was spotted bloodied and injured, and taken in by the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC) for care.

The patient, named Mango, was released back into the wild on Thursday after receiving a few days of treatment for a laceration on his beak. And upon his return home, his lifetime partner, Charlotte, was waiting for him.

As soon as the two recognized each other, they began honking and flapping their wings with delight, racing towards one another in what volunteers called akin to "a magical romance moment from the movies," and something they hadn't ever witnessed in more than a decade of work with local animals.

And, it was all caught on camera, with the tear-jerking footage and story going understandably viral.

The post has racked up more than 41k watches on TWC's Instagram alone since Friday, and millions more on TikTok, where the original footage was reposted.

Thousands have flocked to the comments to celebrate the emotional moment, and also to joke about the chatty creatures, who seem almost to be updating one another on what they'd missed in a few days apart.

"Omgomgomgomg you are NOT going to believe what happened!" one person joked on a Reddit reshare of the clip.

"The aliens took me, I totally thought they were going to eat me but they fixed my beak instead," another said.

And still another" "There is no way that you can convince me those two birds did not just have an in-depth conversation."

Many more simply marvelled over the birds' apparent bond and how much they clearly missed each other.

The overwhelmingly sweet situation also has a few setting swan-level standards for their own love lives, saying that if they can't find a relationship like Mango's and Charlotte's, then they don't want one.

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