toronto easter parade

Adults completely ruined the Easter parade in Toronto according to some parents

The Beaches Easter Parade is a cherished tradition in Toronto but, according to some folks, this year's parade was ruined by adult attendees.

The parade, with its clowns and bunnies and infinite supply of chocolate eggs being hurled into the crowds, is ostensibly geared towards children, was apparently overtaken by adults this year, alleges one community member in a neighbourhood Facebook group.

"I have to say... I am super disappointed in the adults of our community today," reads the post, which includes photos showing the groups of people ahead of the poster.

"This is a childrens parade and today my children had to stand almost in the middle of the road to see."

toronto easter parade

A post made to a local Facebook group about the parade.

While the person who posted the complaint argues that children should have priority viewing spots for the parade, and that adults should take a step back, many community members were not having it.

"The world doesn't revolve around u and ur kids. Maybe get there earlier to better prevent that from happening," one person writes, while another points out that, even if the parade is geared towards kids, it's really for everyone.

"It's a parade for all," another person writes, "not just children. There are adults with little ones with toddlers like myself that are going to be in the front so their child can see better and can’t take a step to the back and leave their child unattended."

Others, still, agreed with the sentiment of the original poster, sharing their own photos of the obstructed views of the parade.

toronto easter parade

A comment attached to the Facebook post.

One person, who claims they arrived early in an attempt to get a "front row spot," shares a photo of people standing in the street, obstructing their view from the curbside seat they opted for.

While there's no clear-cut resolution for these issues, it does raise important questions when it comes to the programming of the parade in coming years. Has the quaint community parade outgrown its Queen East digs? Should there be extra security or crowd control implemented?

With Easter having only just passed us by, Toronto will have to wait until next year to see if the Beaches Easter Parade implements any new plans to ensure a positive viewing experience for everyone.

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Bruce Reeve

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