solar eclipse from plane

Here's what the solar eclipse looked like from a plane above the clouds

While Monday's total solar eclipse was a bust for some in the GTA thanks to gloomy clouds, those who happened to be flying above them in a plane got a VIP seat for the major celestial event. 

Some of the lucky eclipse-goers took to X on Monday afternoon to share the photos they snapped while on a flight.

Although some didn't get a direct view of the sun during the eclipse, they did manage to capture photos of the darkening sky and the accompanying early "sunset." 

For some that weren't in the direct view of the sun, the once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon went largely unnoticed. 

Others got to soak in the beautiful and vibrant colours that painted the sky. 

Despite the cloudy conditions that persisted throughout most of Monday, sky-gazers on the ground actually seemed to get a better look at the major event, based on all of the photos uploaded to social media.

According to NASA, the next solar eclipse will take place on Aug. 12, 2026, and will be visible from Greenland, Iceland, Spain, Russia, and some parts of Portugal. Toronto won't see another total solar eclipse until 2144. 

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Arseniy Shemyakin Photo/Shutterstock

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