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Kitty litter box with nasty surprise inside stuns Toronto Value Village customers

A recent trip to Value Village left one customer in shock after they spotted a kitty litter box for sale with a nasty surprise left inside.

The shopper posted photos of the litter box — technically a litter genie disposal system — in the "Value Village Rants & Raves" Facebook group, with what looks to be dried-up cat droppings from a previous feline user.

"At least clean it up before rolling it out… ugh, Value Village in North York, gross!" they said in the post's caption.

A sticker on the litter box shows that it was priced at $7.99.

value village toronto

The customer, as well as Facebook commenters, were shocked that staff at the North York Value Village put the item on the shelf as is.

Commenters were stunned to see that someone would donate the item without cleaning it out and that the store didn't seem to notice.

"Call the health department," wrote one person. "WTF" stated another. 

The thrift company has recently been in the headlines for its questionable pricing practices on items like burnt-out candles, Dollarama items and more.

The store has also been slammed for its hygiene regulations, as shoppers spotted used personal bath and body products — such as shampoos and body lotions — on shelves across Canada.

In a previous interview, a former Value Village employee highlighted the issues she had with cleanliness and hygiene practices at the location where she worked.

"We did have a spray bottle of some cleaner and a rag. They were mainly used to clean the table at the end of our shift. Clothes are not washed. Pockets not searched. Items are not cleaned," the former employee claimed.

On its website, the company says it allows pet supplies to be donated. The website does not provide further guidelines for customers about cleaning items before dropping them off at a Value Village location.

Savers, the parent company of Value Village, for comment did not respond to a request for comment by the time of publication.

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Barby Moyen via Value Village Rants & Raves/Facebook

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