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Japanese person shares brutally honest guide to living in Canada

A Japanese person living in Canada is giving people a reality check about moving to the country that's most known for being friendly and progressive.

X user @ong777777 shared a brutally honest guide earlier this week that was translated into English by Japanese and East Asian historian Nick Kapur.

"A Japanese person living in Canada has created this handy 'Living in Canada FAQ,'" reads the post.

Kapur translated 13 of the X user's FAQs about living in the True North, and they definitely didn't mince their words.

Some highlights from the guide are @ong777777's frank answers to questions about jobs, the cost of living and whether Canadians truly live up to the "friendly" stereotype.

"Will I find a job?" reads the second question. "No. Even Canadians can't find jobs," they answered.

"Is it expensive?" reads the fourth question. "1.5 times Japan. Add in the exchange rate and it's chaos," reads the answer.

"Are Canadians friendly?" reads question six. "On the surface, they seem friendly, but inside, it's a big ball of complaints and racism," they responded bluntly.

The FAQ also answered a question about whether people with chronic illnesses can receive medical care.

"It's okay if you can prepare for death," reads @ong777777's answer. "The free crappy medical system has dropped to a low level, and people have died waiting months for surgery."

This all may sound like an exaggeration, but many immigrants and visitors to Canada have a similar take on the country.

In February, immigrants spoke to us about their experiences moving and integrating into life here. A majority of them felt like they weren't truly living and were "just surviving" and were thinking of leaving Canada as a result.

The reasons for that are similar to what @ong777777 listed in their FAQ — the soaring cost of living racism and an inaccessible healthcare system.

These factors have already pushed some Canadians to move out of the country.

What do you think about this person's blunt review of Canada?

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