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Toronto woman warns others about potential trafficking scam after scary encounter

A video of a Toronto woman warning others in the city about potential human traffickers has been making the rounds on social media this week, with the poster detailing an alarming encounter she had near the waterfront.

"If you're a female from Toronto listen up because there is a predator on the loose," she cautions before delving into her story, which took place on Harbour Street around a pocket of residential buildings and the bustling Harbourfront neighbourhood.

The woman says a young man in a nice car who was already pulled over on the shoulder of the roadway began suspiciously trailing her, eventually stopping to try and get her attention.

"Can I talk to you for a second," the suspect allegedly asked her, before presenting her with the opportunity to make $250 — which she turned down.

"All you'd have to do is sit in my back seat while I take some photos of you," the man then said, trying to convince her to get into his vehicle.

The woman was shocked.

"I don't want any girl or anyone who might need money at the time to fall for this," she says in the video, worrying that suspects like this could easily jump into the front seat, lock their victim in the car and take them anywhere.

"This is a trick," she says. "He can't drag you into the car [kicking and screaming], but if you get in willingly for some 'photos,' you're done. This is a scam, they are trying to kidnap you."

She finishes the PSA with the very prudent advice: "If this happens to you, do not agree, do not get in the car!"

While many are commenting that this counsel is simply common sense, others worry that today's young people may not have the same stranger danger instincts than older generations do.

As safe as Toronto is in many ways, stories of attempted abductions are also not as rare as many may think. Like one person said in response to the post, "Good for this woman for posting this. Careful out there."

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