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Toronto gets roasted for asking people to use garbage bins nobody empties

A simple public service announcement from the City of Toronto promoting the use of public garbage bins has backfired spectacularly, earning the City a good ribbing on social media.

The @cityoftoronto X (formerly Twitter) account shared a post encouraging the public to use designated garbage bins in hopes of cutting down on litter.

These same public garbage bins have been the subject of intense scrutiny in recent years, known more as overflowing public hygiene risks than convenient receptacles for litter after a decade of austerity budgets under former mayor John Tory.

And today, the people let the City hear it.

Practically every response to the City's X post calls out the municipal government's apparent abandonment of the ubiquitous public garbage and recycling bins scattered across the cityscape.

Users shared anecdotes and even photos of overflowing trash bins, redirecting the blame of Toronto's litter problem towards the City for its seeming inability to regularly empty the often-overflowing bins-turned-trash-heaps.

The near-unanimous negative response sheds light on just how fed up the public is with these smelly, festering nuisances in the street.

It also provides a glimpse into the City's apparent disconnect from the problem by suggesting that these bins in their current level of upkeep are a suitable answer to litter.

Even the City's suggestion that people contact 311 to clear overflowing bins is facing ridicule from members of the public who have had less-than-stellar experiences with the public service line.

The City has suffered similar PR misfires with its social media accounts in the past, like a hilariously misguided attempt earlier in 2023 to convince the public to stop feeding raccoons by using an adorable picture of a raccoon in a bowtie.

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Jack Landau

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