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Woman dressed up like Barbie attacks man in Toronto

A video taken in downtown Toronto has gone viral on social media after a woman — who appeared to be dressed up like Barbie — was filmed attacking a man and his dog with a wooden plank.

The incident occurred in the area of Blue Jays Way and Wellington Street, although it's not exactly clear when the dramatic encounter unfolded. 

Comments under the original video, which was uploaded to Instagram by user @sashasimicc, quickly compared the woman to Barbie due to her blonde hair and signature pink dress. 

The woman was first seen walking away from the camera holding a purse, before picking up a piece of wood from the construction area just off the sidewalk, dropping her belongings on the floor, and chasing a man walking his dog. 

The wooden plank narrowly missed the man and his innocent four-legged friend, who sought refuge by crossing the street. 

"Best caption wins tickets to Barbie," the original poster wrote. 

"She took 'come on Barbie let's go party' way too seriously," one person said. 

"Undercover Oppenheimer fan," another comment reads. 

It's not clear what led to the altercation in the first place, and if the man and woman exchanged words before the attack happened. 

In a separate video uploaded by 6ixBuzzTV, the same woman is seen lying face down on the ground while two officers handcuff her. 

According to one blogTO reader, the woman previously attempted to attack them prior to the filmed incident. 

"I was walking behind her on the sidewalk near Moretti. She bent down to look at the pieces of wood from the construction site. I saw her pick up the 2 x 4 and saw her turn towards me," they told blogTO. 

"I walked the other way until she started running after me, screaming and yelling. I kept running because I realized she was trying to hit me with the piece of wood until thankfully a construction guy managed to get between us and stop her. I gave my statement to the police and that's when I learned she tried to attack this man and his dog." 

Toronto police did not respond to blogTO's request for comment about the incident in time for this publication. 

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