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Doug Ford's former secretary allegedly took a trip to Vegas with Greenbelt developer

Premier Doug Ford's former principal secretary, Amin Massoudi, allegedly took a trip to Las Vegas in 2020 with a Greenbelt developer, according to multiple independent sources who spoke with The Trillium

Massoudi, who previously served as the principal secretary to the Premier of Ontario, was allegedly joined on the trip by Progressive Conservative MPP and current cabinet minister, Kaleed Rasheed, and developer Shakir Rehmatullah

Founded by Rehmatullah in 2005, FLATO Developments is a land developer and builder of residential homes, low-rise and high-rise buildings, as well as commercial developments. 

According to the bombshell report, Rehmatullah's companies received approximately five minister's zoning orders (MZOs) to fast-track development, some of which were connected to projects near land that was under Greenbelt protections until last year

Part of a 102-acre plot owned by Rehmatullah was freed for development after a portion of the Greenbelt was opened up. 

Multiple independent sources, some of whom had connections to the governments, and others who did not, told The Trillium that Massoudi, Rasheed, and Rehmatullah took a trip to Las Vegas in early 2020. 

Massoudi and Rasheed did not deny going on a trip with Rehmatullah in early 2020 through emails with The Trillium, and Rehmatullah did not answer the publication's questions in time for the article. 

However, both Massoudi and a spokesperson for Rasheed firmly denied that the Greenbelt developer paid for the Vegas trip. 

A spokesperson for Ford also said that the premier was "not aware (of the trip)," and that MPPs and staff are expected to follow all rules and obligations as set out in legislation. 

"During my time in government I had no direct role in decisions to issue specific MZOs," Massoudi told The Trillium in an email. "To my knowledge, decisions on specific changes to the Greenbelt were made after my departure from government." 

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