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TTC bus accidentally pulls onto Gardiner Expressway in new video and riders were stunned

While the TTC has earned the reputation of being notoriously unreliable in many parts of the city, it's definitely not every day that a bus diverts so far from its original route that it ends up on a highway. 

A TikTok recently amassed over 26k views after a passenger onboard a TTC bus showed the driver mistakenly turning onto the Gardiner Expressway instead of heading down to the Queens Quay, which was its intended destination. 

@atouchofwitchiness A TTC bus on Gardiner. Was supposed to drop us at Queens Quay and Spadina #toronto #ttc ♬ original sound - Meli

According to the original poster, the incident occurred on Sunday on a bus headed southbound on Spadina Avenue. The driver — who was assigned to the route unexpectedly — mistakenly turned right on Lake Shore Boulevard first and then got on the Gardiner. 

"The driver was completely lost, we had to help him get back. Felt bad for him, TTC didn't train him properly," the original poster said.

Many of those who commented under the TikTok began to share similar stories about TTC drivers making unexpected route changes. 

"Awww this happened to me once! I felt so bad for the driver and we, too, had to help direct the driver," one person wrote. 

"This is common. TTC just throws drivers on route with no experience. Usually happens on the weekends to the drivers with low seniority," a comment reads. 

"Poor thing. Transit is struggling with getting drivers and training them properly," another person said. 

Luckily, the passengers were "super nice about it," and managed to redirect the driver back to Spadina Avenue. 

"Mistakes happen," one comment reads. "We're all human." 

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Jeremy Gilbert

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