chris sky arrested

Toronto mayoral candidate Chris Sky was just arrested

Perhaps the most divisive of the 100+ candidates running for mayor of Toronto this month was apparently arrested this morning, at least according to his own accounts on social media, which cite a "personal direct attack" against him from the "deep state."

Chris Saccoccia, the famed disruptive COVID denier conspiracy theorist also known as Chris Sky, tweeted one of his characteristic selfie-facing videos on Monday afternoon saying that he was being forced to turn himself in to be arrested for the 27th time and charged for the 73rd time.

He is, of course, using the situation as a PR stunt to encourage people to vote for him, posting additional videos as he drove to and arrived at Toronto Police Service's 53rd Division around 5:15 a.m. today.

"I'm quite confident that I'll be exonerated," he said over his comically large, white (and, he's joked, bulletproof) veneers. "They're going to try to make this a thing for the election... they want to make me seem unelectable, they want to use every psychological tool to try to get you not to vote for me."

He added during his second video, in what could be considered a psychologically manipulative statement, "I'm about to go to jail again for you guys, don't make it be for nothing, at [sic] least you could do is get out there and vote for me."

According to local lawyer, advocate and political satirist Caryma Sa'd, Saccoccia had allegedly told his fans to arrive at the station to support him around 7 a.m., but decided to turn himself in 1.5 hours before.

"A mayoral candidate you can count on," she joked.

Saccoccia originally announced his intention to run for mayor of Toronto back in February at one of the ongoing "freedom rallies" that began during lockdown, and that he has long been a vocal part of.

In response to Twitter users inquiring about what, exactly, the new charges against him are, Saccoccia remained cryptic, simply calling them "more bs fake charges like every other time" and "another set up."

As one person noted, "It's extremely suspicious when you don't say why you're being arrested and why they are wrong."

The authorities confirmed to other outlets this afternoon that he was apprehended for uttering death threats.

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